In this review article, we’ll be talking about the next travel credit card.

Guess? What is it?

Yes, this is the Capital One Venture rewards credit card. 

So, today we’re going to talk about the annual fee and welcome bonus, and then we’ll talk about the looks, Annual Fee, APR Interest Rate, How to Earn, Benefits and more.

And then, finally, we’re going to wrap it all up, and I’m going to talk about my personal opinion of this card.

And whether or not it’s a sound card in general and who will benefit most from this card, and who probably won’t benefit at all from it.

Let’s Dive in deep!


If you’re looking for a credit card with simple ways to earn rewards and plenty of ways to redeem them, look no further than the Capital One Venture rewards card. 

Capital one venture rewards credit card holders who can transfer points to 15 plus Transfer Partners and use miles to pay for travel purchases made within the last 90 days.

The Capital One Venture rewards credit card constantly innovates to attract new customers while rewarding existing ones.

A more significant signup bonus makes the card even more appealing to new cardholders.

Once approved, this card is a keeper due to its low annual fee and solid return on everyday spending.

With airline miles, Hotel points and award charts to keep track of, not to mention credit card programs that allow you to transfer your rewards to various Partners.

However, earning and using credit card rewards should not be difficult.

The Capital One Venture rewards credit card is an excellent antidote to the complexities of travel rewards.

They provide simple earning and Redemption options for newcomers and high-value transfer options for seasoned point and Mile collectors.

The annual fee for the Capital One Venture Rewards card is $95, which is much lower than most competitors.

Despite having a fixed earning rate, this card’s miles are more valuable than most.

You can be sure that every card has its pros and cons; let’s dive into the pros and cons of the Capital One Venture credit card.

The Look

Next, let’s talk about the look. The credit card is made of very thick metal and is hard to break by hand; you can’t cut it with scissors, and it has a chip in it, and it’s blue.

Annual Fee

Let’s talk about the annual fee. The yearly fee is 95 a year, so that’s steep if you don’t plan on using the card’s benefits.

You may want

to reconsider and find something with no annual fee; keep this in mind when signing up for this credit card.

APR Interest Rate

Let’s talk about the interest rate APR because that’s very important. Because all of your purchases will have this interest rate. So per their

website, their interest rate ranges from 17.24% to 24.4%. 

And you’ll get a lower interest rate if you have a better credit score and a higher interest rate if you don’t have such a good credit score.

I have a very decent credit score, so my actual interest rate is 15.74% mind you, this is the interest rate on purchases.

They have a different interest rate if you typically get higher cash back.

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How to Earn with Capital one venture rewards credit card

How do you earn points with this credit card?

So this credit card, you earn two times the complete off of each purchase.

  • So if you spend ten dollars at a fast food restaurant, you’ll get 20 miles or 20 points.
  • If you spend 200 at Best Buy, you’ll get 400 points.

So whatever you buy is two times that dollar amount that goes towards your miles to use for this credit card.


Now let’s go over the benefits because that is the most important thing you need to consider when deciding on getting this credit card.

So you don’t have any foreign transaction fees, and that’s very important if you’re an international traveller.

  • They have a system called travel your way, so you can log into your credit card account and go into rewards, and you can use the miles that you earned, so those two times the dollar amounts. 
  • You can use that on flights, hotels and more in their travel-your-way system.
  • And you can also transfer those miles to 15-plus rewards programs.
  • Next, you get the global entry or a TSA Pre-check credit, so you receive up to a hundred dollars for global access or TSA pre-check when you use this capital one venture card.
  • They have 24-hour travel assistance services. So if you lose your credit card if it gets stolen, you can call and get an emergency replacement through this assistance program.
  • They have an auto rental collision damage waiver, so if you rent an eligible vehicle with this credit card, you must use it to purchase the rental.
  • They have a capital one shopping program, an online shopping tool that automatically applies coupon codes to your order.
  • You can redeem rewards with paid piles.
  • You can also go in and redeem the miles As through your purchases in your credit card account.
  • They have travel accident insurance. So you get automatic insurance for a covered loss and no extra charge.

But you must use this credit card to purchase.

  • There is an extended warranty. So you get additional coverage when you purchase that item with this credit card.
  • You can shop with rewards through Amazon with your capital one card.
  • They have premier culinary experiences. So you take dining to the next level with access to intimate dinners, curated cuisine and unique chef collaboration.

So you can check out their website for upcoming events where you can use this benefit.

Must-see music events so you can snag tickets to some of the best concerts and music festivals and access perks like VIP packages or on-site card-holder lounges.

And again, their website has upcoming events and a big-time sports events package.

So you can get in the game with access to VIP experiences, discounts and on-site perks.

Apply Capital One Venture rewards credit card Now

Sign Up Bonus of Capital One Venture credit card

Now, what about the signup bonus? So currently right now the signup bonus is that you earn 75,000 bonus miles if you spend $525 within the first three months after you are approved and you sign up.

So that makes it excellent because then you can use those 75,000 miles in their travel-your-way system and redeem it for hotels or flights or whatever you need for your travel purposes.

Pros of Capital One Venture credit card

  • High reward rate
  • two statement credits for Global Entry or TSA Pre-check 
  • there are no foreign transaction fees 
  • additional travel advantages include car rental collision damage waivers 
  • miles are simple to redeem either through partner transfers or by applying them to travel purchases 

Cons of Capital One Venture credit card

  • Expensive annual fee 
  • The flexibility of rewards is limited
  • Good excellent credit is required 
  • On purchases or transfers, there is no introductory appear

Let me introduce you to how you can earn rewards and tell you my thoughts on the card.


  • The Capital One Venture Card earns 5 miles per dollar spent on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One travel and an unlimited two miles per dollar spent on other purchases.

They are putting it near the top of the flat-rate reward card rankings.

Rewards never expire and are kept on the balance of your account.

  • Aside from the welcome bonus, it has no categories or other benefits. The card comes with a welcome bonus of 75 000 miles after spending four thousand dollars on purchases within three months of account opening.

Which is equivalent to 750 dollars in travel-earned miles that can be redeemed for cash gift cards or account credit.

They appear as a statement credit to your account’s rewards balance.

Miles can be redeemed for purchases on or

But these will generally not earn the best value miles redemptions for purchases on these sites.

Typically earn only 0.8 cents per dollar more than the one cent per dollar value for eligible travel redemptions.

The ability to transfer miles to travel Partners is an excellent feature of Capital one mile.

Although these redemptions May necessitate more effort than redeeming points for previous travel, transferring miles to travel Partners May provide the best value per point.

Capital One has several travel Partners to which you can transfer points.

Though nearly all of them are small, International Airlines 

  • Aeromexico
  • Air France Avianca life miles 
  • Emirates skywards 
  • Edhead Airways, EVA Air 
  • Finnair
  • Qantas
  • Singapore Airlines 

And others are currently among the partners.

Each transfer has a different value for different travel Partners.

Most travel Partners have a transfer ratio of one to one, but some have a transfer ratio of two to one or two to one point five.

The Capital One Venture rewards credit card includes two complimentary visits to Capital One Lounge locations or a partnering Plaza premium Lounge per year.

I was following that cardholders are entitled to a particular entry rate of 45 dollars per visit.

My Thoughts on the Card

Overall I’d rate 

The reward is 8/10. 

The benefits are 8/10 

The annual fee is 7/10. 

Customer experience I would rate as 9/10. 

This card isn’t for everyone, but it is for those who want a brand-agnostic travel card with rewards that are easy to understand and tally.

The Capital One Venture is best for those who prefer to spend their rewards on travel rather than other purchases.

Travel expenses of any kind can be reimbursed or, in capital, one’s jargon erased from your card balance.

Using miles that can be redeemed for one cent each.

Other options for redeeming this card’s miles, such as receiving cash or transferring them to other programs, are less profitable with this card than with others.

If the market didn’t have a plethora of two per cent cash-back cards, The Venture Card would be travellers’ go-to all-around card.

Something I’d frequently recommend pairing with a card that earns even more in specific categories.

Its two miles per dollar spent is fantastic, but its Redemption restrictions are less appealing if you don’t travel.

The travel benefits are beneficial, but the lack of a low introductory apar makes it unsuitable for balance transfers or financing large purchases.

Wrapping up

This wraps up my review of the Capital One Venture rewards credit card.

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think of these.

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